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No harm overtakes the righteous – Proverbs 12:21


Ecumenical Gospel Mission of India, started on 24th May 2008, is a registered Charitable Trust (ER 109/2008) in India. It’s an interdenominational organization where members of different Christian Churches come together for missionary, charitable and spiritual activities. Our primary objective is to introduce Jesus to the people in India, especially among the tribes who have never heard of Him. We stay with them and work for their welfare. The need of the hour is to unite to prepare His church for His coming with the help of the Holy Spirit. Surely, you can also join with us in this mission. WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST.


September 19th & 20th Dhaka Methadist Church 6.30pm to 8.45pm. September 21st Faridabad NIT Balabhavan Hall. For more details contact 09446596654
at Perumbavoor YMCA on September13th Saturday 10am to 2pm & at Vettampara September 14th Sunday 4pm to 15th Monday 4pm
September 7th (6:00pm) to 12th (1:00pm) at Bethel Retreat Center, Allapra (near Perumbavoor)

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in Surya TV : Every Sunday 7:00 - 7:30 AM (IST)

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